Too Many Crazies

This is probably old news to some of you.  It happened last month and I was probably under the same rock I tend to be hiding under when big news hits.  Or maybe I haven't been doing enough cardio.  I'm always more up to date on the news when I'm spending time on the elliptical.

Last month a man shot another man in Florida because he was texting during the previews in a movie theater.  It's so ridiculous it sounds like a joke but it's not.  The victim Chad Oulson was in the theater with his wife and he was texting his daughter during the previews.  A man sitting in the row behind him; Curtis Reeves didn't like the texting and told him to stop.  He got up presumably to make a complaint.  When he came back Chad stood up to ask if he went to tell on him.  They argued, Chad threw popcorn and then he was shot dead right there.  The shooter was a retired police officer.

What the hell?  Sadly, I shouldn't be surprised because of all the public shootings that have been going on for years now, but really?  A wife has to lose her husband and a daughter has to lose her father because some guy is either mentally unstable or just had a really bad day?  Maybe Chad should never have stood up, maybe he should not have thrown popcorn but regardless, that is absolutely no justification for this man's crazy and reckless actions.  Apparently the shooter is claiming self defense.  I know that by law you don't have to physically touch someone with your hands for it to be considered assault but a gunshot is an extreme defense to popcorn thrown especially when the texting that started it all didn't even warrant a comment.  The entire situation should have never happened.

There is no texting allowed during the movie and obviously no weapons allowed inside.  How can he get so angry about someone else not even technically breaking the rules when he was breaking the law by having a gun?  I wonder if he had the gun on him the whole time or if he went and got it from his car when he walked out?  Not that it matters.  The movie they were there to see was Lone Survivor which features a beautiful tribute before and after to people who fight and die for their country.  People dying oversees in war is hard enough to take but to die in a movie theater for texting?  There are hardly words to describe how sad and ridiculous that is.  It makes me so angry that people take guns and killing so casually. Like it just something to do.

I heard on the news last week that a Girl Scout selling cookies door to door had a gun pulled on her.  Apparently, a man answered the door with a gun at his side. He pointed the gun at her saying she should know better then to come to his door before slamming the door shut.  Who even knows why.  Her dad saw it happen, called the police and he was taken into custody.

It's a crazy world we live in.  I used to sell Girl Scout cookies door to door and I don't think anyone would ever imagine back then that something like this would happen.  I also used walk to and from school in junior high and now if I had kids I'd be terrified of having them walk to school when kids are being kidnapped right out of their homes. 

There are too many crazies in the world and sadly it just seems to be getting worse.


  1. The last 2 years I feel like the world is coming to an end, and we are the ones doing it. We have been killing our families, our friends, and strangers. What we need is more social engagement, a place that they know they are safe and welcome. Today we just sit here behind our screens, are self absorbed, and don't care about anyone needs but our owns. YES that is very general, and I am not talking about everyone. But still.. you know what I am saying.

    xo. Kailagh

  2. That Girl Scout story is terrifying...I didn't hear about it until now. And I would never let my kid go door to door...too dangerous.

    The world is just so scary and it's not getting any better...

  3. CeCe, have you heard of Howard Morgan? I just heard about him on Fri on the Steve Harvey radio show. Please go to freehowardmorgan.com. Trayvon Martin's atty is trying to assist this poor man. Please help get the word out, if possible.

  4. I had heard about the movie theater (insane) but had not heard about the Girl Scout cookie incident (sick). Makes me really sad for people.

  5. I heard about that first story, so tragic and crazy. This world is insane and I pray ppl can find peace and love.

  6. Woah! People are certainly reaching new levels of nutso these days. I had heard about the GS incident, too. I was a GS for years - so this is extra creepy!


  7. Ugh! So true! I can hear his lawyer now: "he was going to suffocate him with his popcorn." Give me a break!

  8. I hadn't heard about the Girl Scout....wow! That is crazy. I too used to sell door to door and cried when a neighbor told me "no" once...can't imagine what I would've done if I had been that little girl. What a scary world we live in. It's really scary raising a child in it, knowing that it's just getting worse and worse.


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