Flat Screen Mounted

Over the weekend Mj invited his friends over to participate in some unpaid labor. That's what friends are for right? He bought this 55" 3D monster of a TV about a year ago and ever since he's been talking about mounting it. I was against it because I'd heard it could cost hundreds of dollars and it just didn't seem worth it to me when it's fine just sitting there on the table.  TV's are so thin now, they really don't take up much space. I also have a fear of putting holes in our walls.  We aren't renting so we can do whatever we want but for some reason this fear has not gone away.

Well, he didn't listen to me of course and he finally did it. He found everything he needed on Amazon for about $100 and the only labor cost was burgers and beer for the guys so it actually turned out to be a pretty inexpensive project.  I thought the destruction of the wall would be much worse but only two squares of drywall were removed and they were filled in with plastic inserts.  He and his friends did a great job.  I love the way it looks. There are no cords and it just floats there ever so perfectly like a picture on the wall.  Like magic.  So yeah, Mj was right about getting hardwood floors and about mounting the TV.  It looks great and I'm just glad he didn't have to spend a lot to do it. Now, if only I could finally finish decorating and find something to put on all of those empty surfaces...but not too much otherwise dusting is a real pain in the butt.



  1. It looks so good! I would love our TV to be mounted too. Sean has a fear of putting holes in the wall. I'm like, come on! It's easy to patch them up (says the girl who has never patched a hole in her life)!

    I'm also looking for the bookcases you have. It's hard to find them when your husband refuses to buy them in manmade wood. blah.

  2. It looks great! My husband is SO not good at this type of stuff so I've forbidden him unless he finds someone to do it on the cheap. And, I have one of those bookcases too. It's filled to the brim with knick knacks. I don't know WHERE i collecet so much junk!!

  3. It DOES look like magic! How are there no cords? Where are they? We have a huge tv too and I wouldn't mind it being mounted, especially after seeing yours!

  4. This looks great! Question-- where did you get your Shelves and TV stand, I really like the style.

  5. That looks fantastic! We just mounted our TV too. The mount was only like 30 bucks at Best Buy on Black Friday so we snatched that up.

  6. We want to mount ours, but don't want to put more holes in the wall! We are renting, so it's a no-go even though we have the wall mount already.

  7. Looks fantastic!! Enjoy the new view!


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