I'm Free!

Mj baked these sugar cookies with a dab of strawberry jelly in the center.  It's a secret recipe from his grandmother.  We packaged them up for our co workers as gifts. They are so delicious but I'm glad they are gone so I can stop trying not to eat them.

grilled chicken topped with cilantro, tomatoes and onions
Last night I made dinner.  Mj was shocked to see me making dinner AND using real plates.  He actually said, "What's going on, this never happens."  I'm sure he wondered where his wife was and what I had done with her but it was me.  I haven't cooked in a longer time then I'd like to admit so I thought I'd get in one meal before the holidays. Mj is making dinner tomorrow night and then it'll be mostly eating out after that. I actually impressed myself with how good it turned out.

You know it's time for Christmas Break when you find yourself and your co workers positively riveted by a remote control flying shark balloon. This thing was a given to my boss and it was a fun distraction from cookie munching and the slowly ticking clock counting down the last days of work.  I didn't even know these things existed but apparently they sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond of all places.  My boss was kind enough to let me leave early today.  There were only the 2 of us left.  It was the best feeling ever walking away knowing I'm done and don't have to go back until next year.  I'm free!  Let the lady of leisure lifestyle that I look forward to so much every year begin.  I had already planned to go to the gym so I went straight there and I had time to work out and still get home before I normally would.  It was nice to see daylight after work and I even beat Mj home for a change.

My mother in law will be here tomorrow and I'll be up first thing tomorrow cleaning house before she gets here.  This year I'm sharing my entire Christmas staycation with Mj.  He got tired of seeing me sleep in  every day during this time while he still has to work so he took some extra days off and his last day is tomorrow.  I had a nice long vacation in October but even still I'm plain old worn out.  I'm pretty sure the world isn't going to end so I'm looking forward to this much needed break.

Happy Holidays to you all!!



  1. Those cookies and your dish look delicious! I know you're more than happy that you don't have to go back to work until the next year. My kids seem overjoyed that they don't have to go back to school until 2013. (Help me!)

    Happy Holidays to you guys!

  2. Yumm! Those cookies look very good!!!!

  3. Ahh your lady of leisure time is back! Sooooo jealous!! Have the best time! Glad you get to spend it with Mj this time around!!

  4. Your staycation sounds wondrous!

    Yasi @ Hello, Gorgeous!

  5. I'm on staycation too!!! I love it!

  6. Dinner looks great! My husband has been missing home-cooked meals from me lately too! I need to get on that! Enjoy your staycation with MJ!

  7. Real plates? Really? I'm appalled. J/K. I could take a lead from your example...I've been doing tons of take out and terrible assembly dinners.

    Happy Holidays! I hope you have a great time off from work.

  8. I love giving baked goods for presents!! Merry Christmas! Xoxoxoxoxoxx

  9. Merry Christmas. I hope your staycation has been restful and fulfilling!


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