Now We Need Bar Stools

We got our kitchen counter tops re done and raised our bar area so now we need bar height bar stools.  I love it that Mj cares about the home decor in our house.  The only problem is that he can be really, really picky.  This often makes picking out anything from throw pillows to shelves quite a frustrating experience.  There are times when he will tell me he doesn't like something without explanation.  No he doesn't know why...he just can't put his finger on it.  What am I supposed to do with that?  Especially if it's something I really like and he can't even tell me why he doesn't.  I'll show him item after item and he'll veto every single one.  So imagine my excitement when he tells me that I get to pick out the bar stools all on my own. His only rule is that they not be cheap.  El cheapo used to be my middle name so I know why he felt the need to emphasize this.  I don't want to bring anything home that he hates so as I'm searching I do run stuff across him.  True to his word he is mostly non committal unless he really hates it...which is fine because I don't want him to hate anything in his house.

I get to pick out whatever I want.  This is great.  The only thing is that I have no idea which ones to get!  I started out wanting something bright and modern.  Funky even.  Just because it's a chance to introduce something new into our decor.  Then, I changed my mind and thought that the more traditional chair might work better with what we already have.  Now, I just have no clue.  Red, Brown, wooden, adjustable height?   I read reviews, I browse countless websites and I compare prices.  I stare at our counter and try to envision them there.  I just end up more confused and undecided.  I cannot ask Mj to help me figure it out.  I'm determined to find the perfect ones on my own.

I've got links to ones I like bookmarked all over the place.  Here are a some that I'm considering.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Photo Source:  West Elm $338 for 2 (I'd get the Brown)
Photo Source:  Overstock.com  $186.29 set of 2
Photo Source:  morebarstools.com $104.78 each
I'm hoping that I'll have time on Saturday to go to a store that carries nothing but bar stools and that I can make a decision soon.  I'm pretty sure that I'm obsessing way too much over this but it's what I do.  I can't help it.


  1. Oooh I like the red ones! Isn't decorating with a man so frustrating? When we first moved in, Ian told me the decorating was all up to me...yet he had an opinion about everything! Haha!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. We have barstools that we don't need now, wish you lived closer so I could give them to you! I like the leather ones but I wonder if those would make your butt hot??

  3. i like the 2nd ones best and then 3rd one.
    the first one looks very uncomfortable.

  4. Based on price and look, I like option #2. I'm not the biggest red fan, but I like the style!

  5. The red and brown ones look awesome!!

  6. Ooohhhh I like the red ones :)

  7. I have some from Crate & Barrel that are very similar to pic #2. I love them because they are comfortable and have held up to Maya's abuse.

    West Elm is always a good choice though...love their stuff!

  8. I like the red ones the best. ;)


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