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I started watching house hunters back in 2009 when we were first starting to look for houses.  I thought maybe it was a phase because I was in house hunting mode but nope.  I'm still addicted.  I just watched an episode about a couple looking for a house in Hendersonville, TN and got to thinking that maybe we should up move there.  With a $350,000 budget you can get a large mansion like 4200 square foot 4 bedroom 3 bath move in ready home with hard wood floors throughout and sky high ceilings.  Granite counter tops included.  Oh, and an office.  Did I mention the 1200 square foot finished basement with a wet bar?  We don't ever want or need a place bigger then 2,500 square feet so just Imagine how little we would have to spend on the house of our dreams there.  I love So Cal but the Sunshine tax is such a high price to pay.   You can't get anything close to that here for that price.   But...on the other hand when I think about the perfect weather we have here it's worth it.  I guess.

There is Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives and House Wives of:  Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, Orange County and Beverly Hills.  Did I leave any out?  Well, the other night I stumbled upon Prison Wives.  Let's just say it's way different then those other shows.  There is nothing glamorous about this one.  Annika Powell; a single mom with three kids decides to marry Anthony who is a convicted murderer serving time in a maximum security prison.  She was hooked up by the fiance of one of his cell mates.  Her and her kids have moved 5 times in 3 years to follow Anthony when he gets transferred to different prisons.  She's sort of like a military wife except when Anthony gets transferred it's certainly not for a new job and he never brings home a paycheck.  In fact, he never comes home.  Ever.  And he never will because he is a lifer with no chance of parole.  She survives on food stamps.  Anthony has stepped in from behind the walls of prison to be a much loved step dad to her kids.  She even wants Anthony to legally adopt the kids and have them change their last name to his.  That would require a man who is not imprisoned, albeit a dead beat, to give up his parental rights so I can't imagine any court in the country allowing this.  Annika's mom even got in on the inmate action.  Anthony found a pen pal for grandma who promptly fell in love as well.  When he got transferred to a different prison grandma moved out of Annika's house to move closer to him.

Photo Source and Video of Mia's mom behaving badly

I tried so hard to give up Toddler's and Tiaras.  I removed it from my DVR and basically quit it for a couple seasons.  There is something so wrong yet so enjoyable about watching these little girls and their moms go out to compete and kick butt in the cut throat world of pageants.  The next thing I knew I was watching it again.  There are kids who are so sweet and hard working in spite of their awful parents and kids who have some major behavioral issues and drive their poor parents nuts.  Last Week's episode featured precious little 4 year old Mia who competed her heart out. Her music ended before she left the stage in the Beauty competition so her mom was ranting and raving that she better forget about winning and that the judges hated her when she hadn't even finished the competition.  What kind of parent discourages their young child that way?  Then, when she won  $500 bucks and the second biggest title mom says that is nothing to her.  She wanted the $10,000 prize and now her dreams and her life are ruined because Mia didn't win it.  Okay...how is this pageant her life and how is her 4 year old daughter responsible for it?  One mom spent $1,200 bucks on a dress and her daughter didn't even get a crown.  Mia's mom says she is Russian therefore very competitive but that's no excuse.  Not that this has anything to do with anything but incidentally, she is a mail order bride.  She met her husband on the internet while she was still in Russia then she came out and got married.  Some parents take it way too far and push their kids way too hard.  I don't agree with packing on all of that make up and the concept of little girls being judged on their "facial beauty."  Regardless, I remain fascinated by the show and can't stop watching.  Please tell me I'm not alone.


  1. I love House Hunters! I watch it ALL the time!

  2. I love house hunters! So sad they have a new person for property virgins....what's up with that?,! Love Sandra! Toddles and Tiara is definitely a guilty pleasure!,

  3. I was watching it as I read this post. I always watch and shake my head, but for some reason, I can't resist watching. The kids seem to want to be in pageants, and I understand wanting to make your kids happy. But like you, I don't agree with all the makeup, tanning, acrylic nails, etc. either.

  4. Nope, not alone. It's all so terrible, yet so hard to look away! Love House Hunters too....some of those people kill me when they are walking around BEAUTIFUL homes and find the littlest things wrong. Guess I'll understand when we finally start looking for a house...

    One of my other favorites is Addicted on TLC. Ever see that one? I saw one where a girl was addicted to eating nothing but cheesy potatoes. Prison Wives sounds interesting, I might have to check that one out!

  5. I watch all of those too and also Love and Hip Hop....I can't get enough of the dramz on reality tv.

  6. I am also a prison wife. I opted out of the show because of the woman that were drawn to it. The reality is many woman who are married to men incarcerated are employed and are your neighbor. As for Annika Powell she was a friend on Facebook and the last I saw she went back to her maiden name and posted that it was time for herself. These type of pen pal prison relationships rarely last.


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