New Clothes or New Technology?

Aldo "Perchinski" [Photo Source:  Aldo.com ]
I'm not that person who is always up on the latest technology.  I got a DVD player when I could no longer find VHS at Blockbuster and I got my first smart phone last year.  When this whole H.D. thing started to take off I thought it was cool and all but not something that I really needed or even wanted and insisted that having just one Blue Ray player in the house was plenty.  I mean, "What's the difference anyways?"   
Steve Madden "Branddy"  [Photo Source:  Bloomingdales.com]
I don't spend much time thinking about gidgets and gadgets.  I'm more likely to be thinking about those Steve Madden boots that I saw at Macy's and I've had my Fall shopping list set since last year.  I very excitedly checked some clothing items off my list at Kohl's with a 20% off coupon.  Then I just had to get the knee high boots I've been wanting.  When I get it in my head that I want something I'm on a mission.  I researched, bought and returned boots for a week until I got the perfect two pairs.  The Aldo's were not on sale unfortunately, but I had a $20 off coupon for the Steve Madden's.
Samsung HD TV
 Mj on the other hand is not concerned about his wardrobe.  He rarely ever is.  Every now and then he peruses the mall for a new pair of jeans which he has yet to find but that's about it.  He's not a technology nut but he's definitely into technology and when he wants something he's on a mission too.  About a month ago he started talking more and more about a new TV.  Why? I asked.  We have two nice flat screens of decent size already but he wanted a slightly bigger one.  He got more focused last week then talk turned into action.  Like me when I'm shopping for something specific he did his research and checked out a few stores and the next thing I know there is a brand new larger TV sitting in our living room.  It has a so called infinity edge.  There is a very thin silver border so the picture just seems to go on for well....infinity.  The first movie we watched on it was Bad Teacher.  I could see every single pore and wrinkle in Cameron Diaz's skin and it looked like they were actually in our living room.  It is the most crystal clear, realistic TV screen I've ever seen.  Did I mention that it has 3D?  We haven't tested it out yet and I don't know how often we'll even use it but apparently you can't get one without it these days.  He even downloaded the app that allows him to turn his i Phone into a remote control.    

I've pretty much loved every bit of technology I supposedly don't need and didn't necessarily want.  I can now see the huge difference between HD and non HD.   If I watch a DVD that's not in Blue Ray it looks "funny."  I absolutely LOVE my i Phone and don't know how I ever got along without it.  So what's better and more exciting?  New clothes or new gadgets?   You get to wear clothes and they can be purchased relatively inexpensively.  When Mj runs out and gets the hot new thing at Best Buy does he get the same shopping high that I do when I find the perfect sweater?  Maybe so...and I must admit that TV is beautiful.  Did I really just call a TV beautiful?  My natural inclination is to love clothes and profess that I can do without the latest and greatest in technology but in reality I guess I like 'em both.

This just so happens to be the 3rd TV he's bought in as many years.  I didn't even ask him how much it cost.  I don't even want to know but I bet it was way more then my Fall shopping....for the last several years.  I'll stick to lusting after clothes and shoes.


  1. Love this post because you referred to the TV as beautiful! Hope you enjoy the boots as much:-)

  2. Just this morning my husband was saying that he thought smart phones were stupid (as in, he doesn't need one). I, however, don't think I could live without mine now. We concluded that if you don't know any better- you can certainly do without. But once you have it, you can't go back.

    I'm still giddy about my boots from last year though. Unfortunately it's still much too warm to break them out. Stupid LA weather.

  3. and i'm the same way ... i don't need technology ... give me a brand new pair of boots and i am one happy chica!! as for Sean he would be ok with having no new clothes for two years if it meant that he could have the latest gadgets.

  4. I'm not super into technology either. I'm always behind too! :)

  5. I am so not into technology but as you know that's where all our money goes, thanks to my husband's addiction. Suddenly, after reading this, I feel compelled to go buy a new pair of boots!

  6. Haha! I'm just the same as you when it comes to fashion>technology!

    Yasi @ Hello, Gorgeous!

  7. I got an HD flat screen tv and cable box to go with it and I havent looked back since. Those pictures are CLEAR!

    In fact it was a little too clear for me the first 2 weeks. It almost seemed like everything in the movie was happening right in front of me!

  8. I'm more into buying decorations and stuff for my house then I am about clothes or technology...my house looks nice, me not so much :)

  9. I like technology...and fashion! I had to make sure the DVD player we bought had a USB port on it. My hubby didn't care but I did!!


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