Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders 6

Training Camp [Photo Source:  CMT.com]
It's the same thing every year.  It starts with a cattle call mass audition.  Hundreds of hopefuls from all over show up to collect what is hopefully their lucky number and a chance to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  The first round of auditions is freestyle dancing.  The bunch is narrowed down to about 100 and those select girls are invited back for another round of auditions the next week and are given quite a choreography challenge.  They learn a fast paced routine and then are expected to perform it 45 minutes later-including prep time to reapply the make up that is now dripping down their faces.  The girls who make it past that go back for yet a 3rd day of auditions the next week.  This time they are joined by the returning veteran cheerleaders.   They start the day with an intensive round of interviews and then they perform an original routine for the judges and then the routine they learned the week before.  Those who stand out and are good enough to make it past that last grueling day of auditions are invited to Green Valley Ranch four weeks later and into the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp.  This is where the hard work REALLY begins.  Daily three hour practices, uniform fittings, make overs, final team cuts and about 50 dance routines later the chosen few will make the team and take that official DCC group photo.  It's hard work but it seems so fun and exciting.

I watched Season Four but missed it last year and Six seasons in it's still the same cycle just a new set of girls.  A whole new group of big hair, full make up and gyrating bodies with the dream of being a DCC.  I'm still lovin' it!  I love dance and I'm totally fascinated by the process.  Kelli and Judi don't miss anything cutting girls left and right reducing many to tears.  They make comments like, Are those cankles or just muscular ankles? She's got those thick arms and What a shame that her body is so short because she's so beautifulShe's a little thick and stocky.  They are brutal.  I can't even imagine the pressure of trying to learn a dance and perform it soon after with their eyes boring into me while they take notes and talk into a voice recorder.  If you get called into their office after a practice watch out.  One girl was told not smiling while she dances could get her cut while two others were confronted with questionable pictures found on the Internet and asked to do some explaining.

Where do these girls come from?  Every girl that made it into camp has this long flowing hair and giant eyes.  If your tummy is not flat as a washing board the coaches will not hesitate to let you know and you'd better fix it or risk being cut.  Looks are equally as important as dancing ability.  Back in my cheerleader days I was actually coordinated enough to learn choreography but I was never really a strong dancer.  I might be able to fit my booty into those tiny shorts but never in a million years even if I trained eight hours a day I don't think my dancing skills would ever be good enough to make that prestigious team...or any NFL dance team for that matter!  Plus, I don't think I have nearly enough hair...or boobs.  Hey, maybe that would make a really good reality TV show to see if such a thing would even be possible for a total non dancer like myself.  Nope, I don't think being an NFL Cheerleader is in the cards for me but I can certainly live out my fantasy by watching this show.

It comes on Friday's at 10 pm Eastern on the C.M.T channel.


  1. I think I've seen this in passing! I have always wanted to be s cheerleader! Maybe I can get my fix on the show:-)

  2. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are not human. The are like barbies, I have seen them up close ;)

  3. I'm guilty of watching this show. And it's one of my reality shows that the hubby doesn't mind watching. Gee, I wonder why?

  4. I'll have to check it out, though I do think it will lower my self confidence...lol :)

  5. Never seen this show but it sounds fascinating!

  6. i saw the previews for the show a few days ago and it caught my attention. i can't get over how they look so perfect. true human barbie dolls! i can't imagine going through what these ladies go through!

  7. oh lord. this show. i actually knew a girl that went to high school with me who is now a DCC. her name is kelsey reich and she is on the special team that gets to travel with the team as well. she's been doing it for a few years now, i guess. the girl was kinda rude in high school but i guess i'm happy for her that she made it! i definitely don't have what it takes to be a DCC even though i LOVE dancing like they do, and i'm sure it gives a huge confidence boost to know all the men want you! lol!
    sharde’ @ the style projects


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