Power Outage & Another 3 Day weekend

Thursday at around 3:40pm the power went out at work.  We all came out of our offices and started chatting and speculating as to what was going on and how long it would last.  Turns out it was a total power outage throughout the entire county.  They called it historic because apparently this has never happened before.  Around 4:20pm we were told we could go home which was great but it took me over an hour to get home because everyone else was doing the same thing at the same time and all the traffic lights were out.   I was below E that morning.  Luckily I'd gotten gas on the way to work or else I don't even know if I'd have made it home.  A lot of the gas pumps were out.  I couldn't complain too much.  This wasn't the result of a natural disaster and while an inconvenience we were safe and we still had running water. It was actually kind of fun.  My biggest worry was that my precious Dreyer's Light Coffee flavored ice cream would melt.  I seriously considered eating almost a whole gallon of ice cream just to save it!  Mj used the car radio to check for outage updates which was a reminder to me that we should have a battery operated radio (and a lot of other things for that matter) because of situations like these.  We ate sandwiches for dinner and watched a movie on my lap top draining that battery then played scrabble outside next to our fire pit until the cell phone died.  I remembered what the point of a land line is, then it was time for bed.

By the time we woke up Friday morning the power was back on and I was happy to find that none of our food got ruined.  Just as I was getting ready for work I got a text from my boss that the district had shut down.  A free paid day off?  My weekend had begun!!!  I'd say the power outage worked out pretty well for me.  For a minute I felt like I didn't know what to do with myself.  I was already up so I went to the gym.  Later on that night Mj and I met some of his co workers for drinks.  Saturday I got some errands done and hung out with a friend of mine while Mj was out biking.  Then we went to a early dinner and did more errands.  I found a great vase for the living room.  Sunday we both stayed home all day which was really nice.  I had a great surprise 3 day weekend.


Thanks to everyone who commented on this post.  Clearly I'm not alone!  It helped me gain some perspective on the age old pesky hot button topic of neat vs messy and relationships.  It was very helpful for me to blog about it.  I'll continue to work on patience and trying not to let any of it be a bigger deal then it needs to be.  And by the way my little refrigerator labeling joke actually worked.  Mj did complain about having to open 3 drawers just to make a sandwich but he actually put everything back where he got it from.  We're having sandwiches again tonight for dinner so we'll see what happens.  I'm hoping it sticks!


  1. The power outage is intense isn't it! glad that none of your food was spoiled. I love surprise paid day off! those are the best! im happy you are practicing patience with MJ...see it's already working...the less you say...the more he'll do:-) keep us posted!

  2. I love that your biggest concern was for the safety and security of your gallon of ice cream in the freezer. A girl after my own heart...

  3. I almost ate all our ice cream that day too but I restrained! :) I bought a regular plug in phone (that my mom made me buy in case of emergencies) so I was able to use that all night. I didn't want to use up the battery on my cellphone just in case the power outage lastest a lot longer. I guess sometimes your mom is always right. :)

  4. hehehe, i seriously would have been thinking the same thing ... we can't let ice cream go to waste, haha!!

    so lucky to have another 3 day weekend after labor day weekend! :)

  5. My husband was in San Diego last weekend and had to deal with Friday's blackout. I wish I could say I was sad for him but his "business meeting" went on all weekend and the 2 massages he had afterwards certainly made up for the few hours without power.

    Love that ice cream was your concern. Food going bad is always mine too!


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