Groupon Date

I love saving money so I'm a major fan of Groupon (if you use this link to sign up I get $10 Groupon bucks if you buy one).  They have deals on so many things we want to do around town.  They even have Groupon Travel now.  We both downloaded the app to our i phones and it keeps them all organized so we can keep track of what we used, what we have and when they expire.  You can even redeem them from your phone without having to worry about printing them out.  By the time you get around to using them it almost feels like a free outing because it's already paid for.
He's concentrating
Mj has never been ice skating nor ever had any inclination to.  I've done it before but it's been a while.  Enter Groupon and off to Ice Town we go.   The first time I got on the ice I was really wobbly.  Once I got my bearings and after I tightened up my boots I did much better.  I'm no wall hugger.  Before long I was zooming around the ice rink.  I can go three times around to Mj's one.  I can't help but notice this because it's probably one of the rare moments that I can actually do something better then him.  It probably won't happen again any time soon so I savored the moment.  I'm loving the feel of the wind in my hair and the icy cold air against my face as I race around the rink.  And then it happened.  Toe Pick.  Anyone who has seen The Cutting Edge knows what that means.  One minute I'm sliding across the ice on my feet and the next I'm sliding across the ice on my stomach instead.  The rough edge on the front end of my blade caught the ice and tripped me up.  I literally caught air and hit the ice hard taking most of the weight on my right knee.  Usually when you fall your first instinct is to get up as fast as you can but I could not move.  I lay there on the cold ice like a broken rag doll until one of the instructors helps me up.  Then she hands me my camera which has fallen out of my pocket.  Covered in ice chips I gingerly cling to the wall until I make it around to an exit and sit down.  Too bad because I was just getting ready to practice my jumps and spins.  Not quite!  My knee hurt so bad but I didn't let that spoil my fun.  I rested and was back on the ice and skating circles around Mj again in no time.  I didn't skate as fast because I couldn't take another fall.  Mj said that with every move he basically felt like he was about to fall over but he got more confident as he went along.  He never went very fast but he stayed on his feet and didn't fall unlike me.

These suckers were like torture devices! My ankles were pretty sore

A delicious dinner
After that it was time for part two of our Groupon date.  Burgers & Fries at Paradise Bar & Grill!!  That morning Mj biked 40 miles and I went to the gym.  Then we did ice skating for two hours and I busted my butt.  We'd earned it!  The last time I indulged on a burger and fries was a year ago on our honeymoon so I was really looking forward to this part.  Their burgers did not disappoint.  They were jumbo sized and full of flavor.  As the evening went on my knee got stiffer and I found that other body parts were hurting as well.  My other knee, my hip and my elbow.  I limped home on a majorly swollen knee but it was still a fantastic date in my book.


  1. sounds like fun. Hope your knee heals quickly!! I am a member of Groupon too, sadly I have not had the opportunity to use it!

  2. You will probably be even more sore tomorrow- but seriously, what a fun date! I'd rather go on a date and take a tumble than never go on a date at all. :)

    Groupon is grrrrreat!

  3. l love Groupon, great for saving deals...looks like fun with the hubby, yummy fries

  4. I subscribe but amazingly haven't taken advantage as of yet. looks like a great date..i love the pic with Mj concentrating:-)

  5. that sounds like so much fun to me {minus the sore part of course} ... i have never gone iceskating with Sean and i think it would be so much fun!

    and that dinner looks delish ... i def. should sign up for Groupon!

  6. Groupon rules! I got horrible blisters the only time I have ice skated, I had scars for years :(

  7. That looks like so much fun! I'd love to do something like this. Hubs works for a hockey company but has no idea how to skate! Hah!

  8. I am not the best skater but when we hit NYC in the winter I totally pick it up again.

    I hope your knee is okay...glad that dinner worked out well.

    Isn't Groupon the best?


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