He's Finally 30

My husband is so dang nosy.  I could be sitting right next to him and he wants to know what I'm doing.  Not only is he nosy but he notices everything.  I always joke that it's a good thing I don't want to cheat on him 'cause I'd never get away with it.  I figured it would be next to impossible to pull off a surprise B Day party for him but it was his 30th so I was darn sure going to try.  Adding to the difficulty is that although I have all of his friends addresses from wedding planning I don't have any of their e mail addresses or phone numbers.  Facebook saved the day for the most part though and I was able to stalk his friends there and send them an E vite and then message two of his other friends to help spread the word.

Even something as simple as stopping by Albertson's grocery store to get the cake set off alarm bells for him.  I dropped it off at his friends house so they could bring it to the party.  I couldn't resist the bread so I bought a fresh warm loaf and Mj badgered me endlessly about why I suddenly had the urge to stop for bread on the way home from work.  I NEVER do that.  Why?  I just insisted that I had an insatiable craving for it that could not be ignored.  He didn't buy it.

Cooking our own dinner....at a restaurant
He loved this Oreo Cookie Cake
I'm glad to say the party turned out great.  He did pick the restaurant although I told him it would be just him and I.  When we got there about 15 of his friends were already there making it a great surprise.  Of course he knew something was up.  I insisted he could NOT change his mind about where we were going and I was just a little too frenzied and rushed getting ready.  For the most part though he was really surprised.  The restaurant is called The Strip Club.  Catchy huh?  All entree's are meat, mostly steak, and if you order it you have to cook it yourself.  They set up large grills stocked with spices and tongs.  They bring you your raw meat and buttered garlic bread and you get to grilling.   It's a really fun atmosphere and I think everyone had a good time.  Afterwards about 10 of us did a little bar hopping.  By the end of the night Mj had consumed 6 Long Island Iced Teas and was pretty well toasted.  All part of the plan.  We only managed to stay out until about 11:30pm.  I remember the days when I could stay out well past midnight but those days are long gone apparently.  Mj certainly could have kept going but our little group was dropping like flies as people got tired.
Long Island's all night long

He is not really into making a big to do about his birthday but it's his 30th.  He's got great friends that I knew he would want to have celebrate with him.  He's such a great guy and I just wanted to make it really special for him.  I succeeded.  Not only did he say I did a great job but that it was one of his best Birthday's ever.  I was so happy to hear that.

Yummy Cup Cakes
So, that was Saturday night.  His actual B Day was yesterday.  A yucky nothing too celebratory about it Monday where we both work and I don't get home from the gym until close to 7:00pm.  His gift isn't even here yet.  The i Pad is still in China according to UPS but it's case made it in time.  I don't have the time or energy to track down the i Pad 2 at Walmart's and Target's all over the county so I ordered it from Apple a couple weeks ago and told him it should be here before he leaves for Texas.  To brighten his day I decided to stop on my lunch break and bring home some sweet treats.  That night downtown we happened into Heavenly Cupcake because Mj raved about how he loves that place and wanted to get a cupcake.  He settled for Peanut Butter Banana because they ran out of Red Velvet but he went on and on about how delicious their Red Velvet is.  So, I show him the box and he's like, "Cool, where is this place?"  I give him a funny look.  "Uh, Downtown.  You know the place you were raving about on Saturday?"  Turns out not only had he never been to that place before he doesn't even remember going in there on Saturday night!  Funny.  I guess it was the Long Island's talking.  He didn't even choose to eat the Red Velvet first.  Of course not. He doesn't remember how much he wanted it.

Having a hubby who is 4 years younger can make a lady feel old.  He is finally in his 30's!  Like me.   And it's about time. 


  1. Happy birthday to your hubs! Mine turns 30 in August and is getting an iPad from his parents. I think I may get him a case, thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow, no wonder you guys didn't make it past 11:30 & he didn't remember - Long Island IT's are no joke. LOL And I'm right there with you too - D's technically 2yrs younger, but it's really almost 3yrs. I keep saying as long as he has more grey hair than I do, I'm cool with it. ;)


  3. Happy Birthday to your honey. I'm glad you guys had a great time and that was so great of you to plan a birthday bash for him which included his homies too. LOL :)

  4. happy birthday MJ!!! what a great birthday! you did a great job! i love how he didn't remember how much he wanted the cupcakes ... when Long Islands speak, they speak, haha.

  5. Natalie-He will love the case. You gotta get one for all of your i gadgets!

    Yeah, I've never EVER seen him that intoxicated. It was a good time for all though!

  6. Sounds like so much fun! He definitely looks toasted drinking those Long Island iced teas! I'm nosy too - my hubby could NEVER pull off a surprise party without me knowing! Happy (belated) birthday Mj!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I used to live near one of The Strip Clubs...but I've only ever been there for drinks/pool, never for the food but always heard good things. Looks like you had a blast and way to go on pulling off the surprise bday with a nosy guy. As I love funny drunk stories :D

  8. It sounds like you showed him an AWESOME time! That restaurant sounds yummy! You're a great wife :)

  9. such a cute couple! Happy Bday to your hubby :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your hubby! And you are 4 years older? I had no idea...you look younger than him!

    The Strip Club...I love the name. My hubby would love it even more.

  11. You guys make great couple! I love the stories! Happy be-lated BDAY to your sweetie! I'm starting my own blog www.pearlspumpsgoldboots.blogspot.com any suggestions would we awesome!


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