The Bench Debacle

More Mud Bench on display at Cost Plus World Market
We don't wear shoes in our house so I've been looking for a cute little bench to put inside our front entry way that will make it easier for guests and myself to take shoes off when coming in.  A couple weeks before Christmas I saw this beautiful $229 bench on display at Cost Plus World Market.  I love that store.  It was not in the budget right then but I had just signed up for their club and figured that after the holidays I might have some coupons by then or it might even be on sale. 

A couple days after the new year I looked up the bench.  They are having a furniture sale and there it is on sale for $129!  I even had a $10 off coupon that I could use and I would use some money got we for Christmas to pay for it.  I went that very day right after work and bought it.  They didn't have one on display but I had the item name and they were able to find it for me in the back.

This worked out perfectly.  The bench I wanted AND in stock and on sale!  I got the very last one.  I triumphantly walked into the house and said to Mj, "Yeah, I got that bench we liked.  It was on sale!"  I go through my pics on my lap top to check out the bench and the dimensions again.  I am startled to see that the bench that I took a picture of before Christmas cannot be the same bench that is now sitting in a box inside my front entry way.  I zoom in on the pic and see that the not only are the dimensions different but so is the item name.  In my excitement over seeing this cute bench I thought it was the same one as before when in fact, it's totally different.  How lame am I?  Seeing the pictures side by side it's obvious that they are different but I absolutely did not realize it until I did this.  Feeling a little deflated I try to find the More Mud bench on the website and it's actually nowhere to be found.  It's almost like it was a figment of my imagination except I happen to have picture proof that it was not.  Strange.  I like the "new" bench but I'm thinking that I would have liked the other one better.  It's been difficult finding one we both like that is in our price range and quality that I can trust.  The Malay bench is very similar and I certainly don't feel like lugging it back to the store so I decided to keep it.
Malay Upholstered Bench
We opened it up and put it together on Sunday and it looks good.  It's not the More Mud Bench but I like it.  Even if I feel like a bit of an idiot for getting all excited about the wrong one.  It didn't come with the baskets like the other one did but it's made to hold them so I can get some if I want.  I actually kind of like just having the shelf and this bench is longer so it actually has more storage and sitting space then the other one.  It's cute, functional, the price was right and I can check one more thing of my list of things we need to get.


  1. Awwww poop. The bench you did get is still very, very cute and if it's on sale it's an even better steal. We totally need one of those, actually. Time to go browse..

  2. I love the bench. I like it without also because it still looks neat but it lets your guests know to take their shoes off lol

  3. How cool! I like them both. We need something like that too.

  4. I think I would have made the same mistake. They look the same to me too. I like them both!

  5. they seriously look identical! i would have made the mistake too! at least you found something identical for a better price! i think that def. called for a celebration and some hopping around! :)

    great bench!

  6. Frugalista,

    That is too bad you were unable to find the original bench you wanted after realizing you had the wrong one. They do look quite similar. The one you got (?) looks a little lower. They both are nice looking, but I know how it is when you want something in particular.

    I hear you about the no shoes in the house. I grew up w/shoes not leaving the foyer and have continued the tradition of them not going past a certain point in our house. My kids have even crawled to their rooms (they forgot something) because they knew they weren't supposed to wear their shoes beyond the line and they didn't want to take them off.

  7. Both benches are so adorable. I need something like that. I grew up in a no shoes in the house household but my husband didn't and I've lost the struggle. This gives me hope though and I may start the war again. LOL.

  8. I love world market! what a good idea for housing dirty shoes!

  9. You're right. It's not quite the same but it looks fabulous, nonetheless!


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