76 Degree Date Night Perfection

Getting ready for take off

Boat Ride munchies
 I could not have asked for a more beautiful Saturday for this outing.  It's mid January but the sun was shining, the sky was blue and we saw just one single lonely cloud in the sky.  Last weekend was freezing but today it was a balmy and perfect 76 degrees.  I planned date night this time around and it turned out perfectly.  The Gondola Company provides the antipasti appetizer platter, we bring the wine and off we go.  I went to the gym AND did not eat.  By 2:30 pm I had created the perfect recipe for drunkenness.  Sitting in that boat with the sun shining on my face and the wine moving through my system was heaven.  I about fell asleep it was so relaxing.  The sound of the water lapping against the boat and the soft sounds of Italian music playing in the background was so soothing.  It's an hour ride and we are taken through a private marina area where boats are docked and the houses with this as their back yard must go for millions.  It was quiet, peaceful, and such a beautiful day.  A really nice way to spend some quality time together chatting and drinking wine.

Our 1st Gondola Ride, 2008.  Also our first pic together.
It brought back memories from the first time we did this.  The first time I ever went up to see him in The O.C. back in 2008 he surprised me with a gondola ride for our 3rd date.  It took us forever to find the marina where the boat was to depart.  It was a really hot day and we walked up and down this street for what felt like forever asking directions along the way.  He even gave me a piggy back ride to give my tired feet a rest.  We picked up a bottle of wine on the way and I had absolutely no idea what he had up his sleeve until we walked up to the boat.  I was 98 % sure that I really liked him or else I would not have driven all the way up there.  At the time, I really didn't go out of my way when it came to dating men but I had this feeling he was special.  I was so glad that I gave him a chance and so impressed at how thoughtful he was to come up with something so unique for us to do together.  Something that I didn't even know existed.  This time around he's my husband and it's not our 3rd date but a number that has gotten so high I actually can't count but it was just as romantic and just as fun. 


  1. Oh how I miss Southern California! We max out at around 60 degrees everyday here. Freezing! Anyway, what a nice date :) I remember a guy who had a crush on me took me for a gondola ride in the Venice, Long Beach canals and it was very sweet and romantic. It's sweet that you guys revisited an old date, too. Sounds like you had a nice time!

  2. That looks very relaxing! And I'm so jealous of that gorgeous weather!!!

  3. What a great time! Oh how I would kill for 76 degrees right now!

  4. what i would do for 76 degrees right now?

    what a perfect date night!

  5. How sweet and romantic. I love it. You guys do look pretty relaxed in your pics.

  6. I'm so jealous. Our front steps were covered in ice this morning!

    I'm lovin' the older picture too - you 2 look like babies! :)


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