I Miss This Face

Sent via text message

Whenever he puts on that uniform it means he's leaving.  Two years ago it was for a month here and a week there that culminated in a year long deployment..  This year so far it's mostly a weekend  but this time around it was for a week.  They split his two week drill into two separate weeks so he was only gone one week but will be gone for another week next month.  Well, it's better then a year and after going through that a week or a weekend really is nothing but it still makes me sad.  He usually has to leave really early in the morning while I'm still in bed.  I wipe my eyes and put on my glasses so I can get a good look at his handsome face one last time.  He comes to my bedside to give me a hug and a kiss like he usually does before leaving for work except this time instead of a button up shirt and tie he's wearing his Army fatigues.  He sits on the bed and hugs me and I don't want to let go.  I kiss him a few extra times and hug him a little longer then usual.  He is freshly shaved and I rub my cheek against his smooth face and squeeze him extra tight.

As I lay in bed with my eyes closed I listen as the garage door opens downstairs and closes after he drives away and tears leak out of my eyes.  I wonder why it still makes me cry when it's only one week. When he's away it's like a little part of me is missing too.  Sunday I get a text message.  I open my phone and I start laughing.  He sent me this adorable picture.  I text him back  "I love this pic, you are so cute! Thank you."  This pic will get me through the week.  Looking at it makes me smile.

He is making the 5 hour drive back right now.  By the time I get off work he will already be at home waiting for me.  I'm cooking dinner.  Our pro wedding pics are online now but since he wasn't here we are going to look at them this weekend.  Together.


  1. oh i'm so happy he is coming home!!! enjoy your time together :)

  2. Oh so sweet. Its' always great to have your baby waiting at home for you.

  3. This is such a sweet post...Oh how I miss the early days of a new marriage!

    Enjoy every second of your weekend and your wedding photos!

  4. Awww, that's super sweet. Enjoy the pics!

  5. Should not have read this at work, I'm all teary eyed. At least it wasn't a whole year this time. Endless thanks to both of you... enjoy your pro pics ;)

  6. awww, this post just reminds how special every moment with our love one is. such a sweet post. thanks for the beautiful reminder! hope you don't have to be away for your man for too long for a long while!


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