Loan Lock

It's amazing how 8 minutes can make such a huge difference. Just one extra snooze yesterday morning and I was running super late so I forced myself out of bed after 3 today and was way early. There was a time when I got out of bed when my radio went off the first time but I've been a snoozer so long I can't even remember the last time I did that.

On the home front...we locked our loan last week at 4.75% w/some points.  We didn't buy as many as I wanted to but it will have to do.  The rates have gone up since we went under contract back in January and they seem to be rising even more so I am glad we were able to lock when we did. I FINALLY know how much our mortgage is going to be. Drumroll please......Honestly, I can live with the principal and interest part of it but it's the taxes that kill it for me. Our HOA and homeowners insurance is reasonable but we will be paying about $340 monthly in taxes alone! That was all taken into account when we were house hunting but buying a house that was 25k over what I wanted did push me way out of my comfort zone. This is all pretty exciting but scary. This is the first time that I have been in a position where I could not pay for my living expenses 100% on my own. I am going to be existing outside of my own finances. That whole having to depend on someone else thing is new to me and it makes me feel out of control. Which I hate. Mj says I get way too caught up in the numbers. I agree but it's only because I have too! Like it or not those darn numbers kind of control what I can and can't do. At least in my world. Next step is getting my condo listed so I can get a tenant in there to pay my mortgage so I don't have to AND hopefully getting that to coincide with our closing date.

On the wedding front. The RSVP's are rolling in.  We are going to be doing our cake tastings next weekend so we can get that booked. Next month we will be meeting with the hotel planner at our venue to go over some final details.

There has been a lull in wedding planning and the house madness but that is OK by me because I know that things are going to start getting crazy busy for us once moving date and wedding date gets closer.

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  1. A mortgage completely terrifies me, not to mention the taxes, etc that go with it. Congratulations though, that is super exciting!


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