North Carolina Trip

I was laughing when I got off the tiny commuter plane and walked on the tarmac into the airport. This is the smallest airport I have ever seen. There are two landing strips and it is surrounded by a forest. There is a small arcade room just before you get to the one baggage claim. There are three doorways that passengers get on and off the planes through. It was amusing on the way there but on the way back I couldn't help but feel sad and teary eyed when I walked through those doors to get on the plane to go back home. I really miss my sister. It hit me that this was probably the way it was going to be from now on. Visits will be limited to yearly jaunts across the U.S. instead of monthly or weekly. From now on it takes 6 hours and an airplane just to be in the same place. Definitely not like it used to be.

My big sis and I have always been close. We grew up together. There isn't a day that I have been on this earth that she hasn't. We have always lived in the same area and for the most part have always been able to hang out whenever we wanted to. Now, she is in a small town in North Carolina with no family to speak of and I felt really sad leaving her there alone.

We had a good time. There isn't a lot to do there but it didn't really matter as long as we were together. We went out to eat, to the mall, watched movies, and went out to a local club. We obsessed over our mini dramas that are our lives and chatted. Just like old times. I guess that is life. We can't expect things to stay the same and that is alternately a good thing and a bad thing depending upon how you look at it. We grow up and move on in our journey to find ourselves and forge our own lives and place in this world. Sometimes doing that takes us farther away then we expected.