That Girl

Current mood: thoughtful

You hear stories about her. Whispered tales of glory and luck of a girl who seems to float above the earth in another orbit. The girl who gets the guy and is swept off her feet in a whirlwind of diamonds and jet setting dream dates sealing the deal with a kiss so beautiful and real that it brings tears to your eyes. The lucky girl from smalltown USA who waits tables at a seedy diner in a thankless low paying job and then strikes it rich with the pull of a Vegas slot machine. The girl who gets the part and is suddenly catapulted into a glamorous life of fame and fortune. Her life is forever changed. She is graced with something so idyllic and perfect that it nearly takes your breath away. It happens, but you have to wonder how the story goes after the glitter settles and what happened in the prologue before fortune shined upon her. Is she more deserving then any other? In a million years could I ever be that girl? Almost, but not quite. Then you drop back down to earth where the everyday folks plod along while clawing and scratching for every gain with the thudding realization. Life is not a fairy tale. There will be no fairy god mother sprinkling her magical fairy dust upon your upturned smiling face. No knight in shining armour.

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